Welcome to an Exploration

Welcome to my new blog!  I’m truly a spiritual wanderer/wonderer.   I’m committed to exploring and expressing, as best I can, an inclusive, expansive spirituality , in response to changing times, including my own changing times.

I am into the 26th year and  last phase of my full-time work as a minister in the United Church of Canada.  I’ve lived, studied and done paid or volunteer work in Nova Scotia, England, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.   I take spiritual inspiration from many sources beyond Bible and church tradition: poetry,  nature, music, social justice movements including feminism and spirituality from a variety of traditions and lineages.

You will get to know me better as I post reflections on this blog, some used on Sunday morning, others just my random thoughts.   Stay tuned, and do subscribe if you’d like to know when I update my postings.  Happy – creative-  thought-provoking exploring !