Jane’s Words for the Blessing of the Outdoor Labyrinth , August 18, 2019

 Gathering words

Now is the time.  Now is the place.

And so we gather in this time and place

Forming a sacred circle filled with Holy Light.

Here is the centre-

From here, the circle radiates outward,

spiralling its light in all directions

Inviting us inward to the centre and out again

Trusting ourselves to the path, the way, the journey.

May Love embrace our circle, may Love light our way,

Celebrating the gift of this Labyrinth

This labyrinth has been created as a labour of love,

in this beautiful natural setting,

this thin space,

on water’s edge,

on continent’s edge,

high on a hill so that we – like the eagle-

can look over broad vistas and wide horizons .

And now the labour of love is offered to the world.

 We are ready to invite those of all ages and stages.

Those living here and those passing through,

To walk the labyrinth,

Spiralling in and out,

Asking their questions, framing their sacred intentions,

Journeying to the heart of all that is and taking that heart-journey with them wherever they go.


Blessed be the pathway on which we go through life’s journey.

Blessed be the pathway made in this place,

A new path open to a new story,

And yet an ancient path, echoing the Eternal.

May the  Love and Light woven into its working

make a good way for all who would walk it.

May there be a dawning of light and a deepening of peace

for all who will come to walk this path,

Including you, including me,

As we walk upon this blessed earth,

Guided by Wisdom and surrounded by Mystery.

May it be so! Blessed be.

Author: janedoull

I’m an eclectic writer and thinker . In the past I’ve been an adult educator and a United Church of Canada minister . Now I’m a freelance retiree.

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