A Little Light for the Winter Season

I am sorry I’ve been away from this blog so long. I found myself unexpectedly moving house, on top of negotiating the regular routine of church work and then the intense Advent and Christmas preparations.

So I am back. But what to post?

It now seems too late to post All Saints and Advent and Christmas reflections!

My Epiphany Sunday reflection is more emotionally charged in retrospect than it was on the day, because it had much to say of ancient Iran and Iraq then part of the Parthian [aka Persian] Persian Empire . A tragic week followed- not the first tragic week in Iran but one particularly affecting Iranian-Canadians and other Iranians studying and living in Canada, and their neighbours and communities- indeed the whole of our country. I could no longer post my January 5 reflection – I can’t explain why- I just knew I’d have to rework it , and I didn’t have time. So it’s shelved- for now.

My January 12 Reflection has been on hold for 2 weeks , because of snowstorms- and now it will have to wait till February- Annual Meetings intervene.

So what shall I offer you? I think perhaps the Celebration of Light I have used every Epiphany Sunday since I can’t remember when. Somehow, as I wrote it way back when and as I’ve reread it year after year, it offers something for our bleak midwinter season.

Celebration of Light 

Long ago a star spoke of holy Mystery, Wisdom and Power. 

Today the world is still bright with holy mystery, wisdom and energy.

Long ago, by the light of that star, the wise ones found their way through strange and difficult landscape.  

Today, God’s light guides us beyond what we know into new landscapes of heart and soul.

Long ago, the wise ones discovered the child Jesus and saw the whole world in a new light.  

Today, new life and new birth still show us the world in a new light. 

Long ago, by the bright light of God’s presence, the wise ones travelled home by another way. 

Today, the Spirit will light our way home, home with each other, home with God. 

We find all the light we need because of that good news shining bright in Jesus and all who show and teach the way of God’s justice and compassion. 

Today, may we see your light in all persons, in all creation. 

Today may we be light and life and joy to each other.   

Author: janedoull

I’m an eclectic writer and thinker . In the past I’ve been an adult educator and a United Church of Canada minister . Now I’m a freelance retiree.

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